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Appointment or Walk-in

Do you need an appointment or a drop-in?

You can use this table to determine whether or not you need to make an appointment with your academic advisor or just come to the BCOE Undergraduate Academic Advising Center during your advisor's drop-in hours.

When can I see my Advisor?

For a list of Drop-in times for your Academic Advisor, view this page

Academic probation process   X  
Add and/or drop a course X    
Admissions as a freshman or transfer (prospective student)   X  
Application for Graduation X    
Articulation of course     Email Advisor
Breadth requirements X    
Change catalog year X    
Change major (in or within BCOE) X    
Change major (from BCOE to CHASS)
Change major (from BCOE to CNAS)
Course planning (beyond next term)
Course registration (current term) X    
Course registration (next term) X    
Declare a double major   X  
Declare or drop a minor   X  
 Degree audit and degree progress   X  
 Discuss academic challanges (not Academic Probation Process)    X  
 Discuss summer school  X    
 Discuss TE, focal area, etc.   X  
 Evaluate transfer credit    X  
 Extend matriculation X    
 Grading Basis  X    
 Participation in Commencement  X    
 Part-time Status  X    
 Petition for exception to academic policy
 Petition for exception to college or major readmission
 Readmission    X  
 Registration hold X    
 Repeat policy X    
 Substitution of courses  X    
 Take classes outside of UCR  X    
 UCR Extension Enrollment  X    
 Withdraw from the University  X    

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