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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a strong tradition at Bourns College of Engineering (BCoE). Students frequently co-author original research papers with faculty. Few other top-tier research institutions can match our commitment to having undergraduate students participate actively in the board range of research under way across the college.

Dr. Myng and Dr. Mulchandani with Students at Undergraduate Research Symposium             Dr. Rodgers explaining research to undergraduate students
BCoE has more than $30 million in sponsored research per year, and boasts some of the most active laboratories in the nation. Our undergraduate have real opportunities to participate in and contribute to the range of innovative work undertaken in these laboratories.

In addition to faculty research laboratories, research opportunities are also available in our College's numerous and active research centers, such as the College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT). For example, Dr. J. Wayne Miller, manager of the Emissions and Fuels Research Lab at CE-CERT, recently was awarded the University's Distinguished Research Instruction Collaboration Award. He has supervised or co-supervised more than 20 undergraduates on work like the first comprehensive on-board testing of emissions from ocean-going vessels.

Undergraduate Research provides an excellent training in innovation, which is the central theme of engineering. Undergraduates become part of a team of researchers that includes graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculties. This provides important team work skills.

Dr. Yan with his students            Dr. walker with her undergraduate students

On-Going Faculty Mentored Research Opportunities


Faculty Department Email Specializations
Bahman Anvari Bioengineering Biophotonics, cell membrane, electromechanics.
Dimitrios Morikis Bioengineering Immunophycis and immunoengineering; computational modeling of biomolecular structure, dynamics, & interactions; structural bioinformatics; protein, peptide, & drug design; NMR spectroscopy.
Julia G. Lyubovitsky Bioengineering Biomedical imaging and non-destructive optical techniques, molecular-level control of protein/peptide assembly and disassembly.
Jiayu Liao Bioengineering Signal transduction pathways, small ubiquitin-like modifier ligase, G protein-coupled receptors, fatty acid insulin resistance, high throughput screening, bioinformatics 
Valatine Vullev Bioengineering  Biophysics, microfluidics and charge transfer.
Hyle Park Bioengineering  Optical imaging techniques such as optical coherence tomography to neuroscience. 
Victor Rodgers Bioengineering Biotransport phenomena, bioreaction kinetics, redox cellular reactions, drug delivery vehicles, bioseparations.  
Nosang Myung Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering Synthesis of nanoengineering materials, thermoeletric, spintronics, NEMS/MEMS, gas senor, bio-sensor, environmental remediation, dental biofilm.
Mark R. Matsumoto Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Hazardous waste treatment, soil remediation, water and wastewater treatment, and water quality assessment. 
David Cocker Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Secondary organic aerosol formation; emissions characterization; air quality systems engineering.
David M. Cwiertny Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Environmental chemistry, pollutant fate & transport, ground water remediation. 
Sharon L. Walker Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Llies at the intersection of physical, chemical, and biological processes in natural and engineered aquatic systems. 
Ashok Mulchandani Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Nanobiotechnology, environmental biotechnology, biosensors, bioengineering. 
David Kisailus Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Bio-mimetics, bio-inspired materials synthesis for nanomaterials, photovoltaics, energy storage and conversation materials (fuel cells, batteries), biomineralization studies, ceramic processing, thin film growth.
Yushan Yan Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Fuel cells and zeolite thin films for semiconductor, aerospace, and renewable energy applications. 
Akua Asa-Awuku  Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Aerosol-cloud interactions; organic droplet formation and their impacts for air quality and health. 
Joe Norbeck Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Development of synthetic sustainable transportation fuels, air quality impact of vehicle emission and their control. 
Wayne Miller Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Fuel and lubricant formulations, relationship between gasoline properties and tailpipe emissions.
Charles E. Wyman Chemical and Enviornmental Engineering  Biological conversation of abundant, non-food sources of cellulosic biomass to commodity products including ethanol for use as a transportation fuel, with emphasis on pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis. 
Iulian Neamtiu Computer Science  Programming languages, operating systems & software engineering. In particular: dynamic software updating, software evolution, static & dynamic approaches to making software safe, available, secure and scalable. 
Gianfranco Ciardo Computer Science Tools & techniques for analysis of complex hardware & software systems; symbolic model checking; logic verification; Markovian & general classes of stochastic Petri nets; performance & reliability evaluation. 
Christian Shelton Computer Science  Automated decision-making in uncertain or unknown environments; learning algorithms; sequential decision making. 
Walid Najjar Computer Science  Computer architecture & parallel computing; compilation & code optimizations for reconfigurable computer systems; novel platforms & programming paradigms for sensor networks; lower power computer architectures. 
Frank Valid Computer Science  Embedded systems, FPGA-based computing. 
Elaine D. Haberer Electrical Engineering  Biologically-mediated assembly of materials for electronic, optoelectronic, & energy applications; nano-structured hybrid materials; novel top-down & bottom-up assembly techniques.
Jay Farrell Electrical Engineering Learning control systems; autonomous vehicles and intelligent transportation systems; global position systems. 
Jianlin Liu Electrical Engineering  Semiconductor materials and devices. 
Sheldon Tan Electrical Engineering  Design automation for VLSI integrated circuits high performance power/ground distribution network design and optimization, simulation and synthesis of mixed-signal/RF/analog circuits, embedded system design based on FPGA platforms and signal integrity issues in VLSI physical design. 
Albert Wang Electrical Engineering  RF/Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits (IC), On-Chip ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protection for ICs, SoC (system-on-chip), IC CAD & Modeling, Emerging Semiconductor & Nano Devices. 
Matthew Barth Electrical Engineering  Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), transportation & emissions modeling, vehicle activity analysis, electric & hybrid electric vehicles, mobile robot navigation, active computer vision, panoramic sensing techniques, & distributed vision. 
Bir Bhanu Electrical Engineering  Computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, multimedia & spatial databases, image processing, graphics & visualization, robotics, sensor networks, biological image/video processing & intelligent systems 
Roger Lake Electrical Engineering  Nanoelectronics, molecular electronics, and photovoltaics. Novel materials and devices. Ultra-scaled devices and device physics. Electron transport through nanostructured materials and hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces. Modeling of atomistic structure to electronic functionality. 
Anastasios Mourikis Electrical Engineering  Vision-aided inertial navigation, multi-robot systems, distributed estimation in mobile sensor networks, simultaneous localization & mapping, & structure from motion. 
Alexander Balandin Electrical Engineering Electronic, photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials; graphene properties and applications; thermal and electrical characterization of nanostructure and carbon materials; Rman spectroscopy of solids and nanostructures; phonon transport and phonon engineering in advance materials.
Guillermo Aguilar Mechanical Engineering  Cryogen Spray Cooling, Medical Lasers and Transport Phenomena for Biomedical Applications. 
Marko Princevac Mechanical Engineering  Fundamental & applied fluid mechanics research, the application of fundamental turbulence concepts to studies in environmental flows. 
Kambiz Vafai Mechanical Engineering  Transport through porous media, multiphase transport, natural convection in complex configurations, analysis of porpus insulations, heat flux applications, free surface flows, unconventional heat pipes, and power electronics, transport though biological membranes, mine detection.
Heejung Jung Mechanical Engineering  Engines & emissions, air pollution nanoparticle science. 
Javier Garay Mechanical Engineering  Advanced material synthesis and processing. Nanocrystalline materials and nanocomposites. Fundamental investigations of solid-state processes. Mass transport, nucleation. 
Cengiz Ozkan Mechanical Engineering  Nanopatterning for beyod CMOS, molecular assembly, functional materials, MOCVD synthesis of nanowires, hybrid architectures, carbon nanotube and grapheme electronics 
Christopher Dames Mechanical Engineering  Thermal and electrical properties of nanostructures used for energy conversion. Modeling and experiments on individual nanowires and nanotubes. 
Masaru Rao Mechanical Engineering  Development and application of novel micro/nanofabrication methods and materials for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics, and biomedical microdevices. 

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