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Professional Development Milestone Program

Professional Development Milestones Program

The Professional Development Milestones Program, sponsored by the Bourns College of Engineering and the UCR Career Center, is designed to help you track your progress toward achieving your career goals. The program parallels your academic path and allows you to plan and track your career path as you would your academic path.

Possessing a college degree is no guarantee you will secure the job you want. In fact, in addition to a college degree, most employers desire candidates with relevant work experience in their specific field. This experience can be obtained in the form of an internship or a research experience.

It is strongly encouraged by the Bourns College of Engineering that all students complete at least one internship and at least one research experience during their academic careers. The Professional Development Milestones Program will keep you on track toward that endeavor. It is an outlined plan that leads you through each recommended step of the process toward full-time employment after graduation, or graduate school.

The Process

As shown on the Professional Development Milestones Diagram, each activity, or milestone, is mapped out on the recommended quarter from freshman through senior years. You will be able to learn about elements of the diagram by clicking on either:

  1. Class level: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior.
  2. Quarter within each class level: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.
  3. Individual milestones.

Staff members at the Career Center are available to help you with this program. Contact the Career Center at (951) 827-3631.

For questions about the Professional Development Milestones Program, please contact Lupe Ruiz (951-827-5124) the career development and placement officer in the Bourns College of Engineering.

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