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Faculty Advisors

Faculty in the major can provide assistance, offer guidance in major courses, and discuss degree programs, career options, technical elective options, research opportunities, and other curricular matters. Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty member at least once a year for this sort of assistance.

All faculty members keep regular office hours, which are posted outside their office doors and announced in class. The office hours are the best times to seek a faculty member's assistance, although most also agree to meet by appointment.

All faculty members are generally willing to meet with students according to students' needs and interests, but, in some cases, there are specifically appointed faculty members designated to assist undergraduate students. Each department has a designated Undergraduate Advisor, who would be the most appropriate person to contact for students who don't know where to start. The table below identifies the contact person for each department.

The Undergraduate Advisor is also responsible for consideration of petitions to waive or substitute major courses, as well as other exceptions to the major requirements. Staff advisors work closely with the Undergraduate Advisors to ensure consistency. Students who are uncertain about any curricular exceptions should consult a staff advisor for assistance.

Undergraduate Faculty Advisors
Bioengineering William Grover
Computer Science & Computer Science with Business Applications Heng Yin
Computer Engineering Laxmi Bhuyan
Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering Kawai Tam
Electrical Engineering Ping Liang
Materials Science & Engineering Shane Cybart
Mechanical Engineering V. Sundararajan

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