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Second Baccalaureate

Second Baccalaureate

Occasionally, a student whose educational objective has changed substantially after receiving the bachelor's degree may be considered for admission to a program for a second degree. The second baccalaureate requires senior residency and is subject to the university requirements for graduation, as well as the requirements of the college in which the second degree is to be taken, including all breadth and major requirements.

Eligibility for admission is determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the status requires the approval of the Dean of the College of Engineering. Applicants must be fully eligible for admission to the university, and their records must indicate strong probability of success in the new area.

Within the College of Engineering, approval for a Second Baccalaureate requires the following:

1. Students should have completed all lower-division requirements for the proposed major. If you have not completed the lower-division coursework, the equivalent courses should be taken at a community college.
2. Past college work (including any graduate work) should indicate a minimal overall GPA of 3.0.
3. Once admitted, students are limited to 6 quarters (2 academic years) to complete the second bachelor's degree.
4. A minimum of 12 units per quarter is required for all programs. 16 units is preferred.
5. Second baccalaureate applicants have the same subject and grade requirements for each major as those requirements for transfer students.

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