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Bourns College of Engineering and University Honors Program Process for Extended Opportunities

In partnership with the University Honors Program (UHP), the Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) Honors program seeks to acknowledge well prepared and highly motivated students from the pre-matriculate stage through graduation. BCOE students who embrace the challenges and rewards of scholarship and research are ideal candidates. The program especially welcomes and encourages BCOE students who are already conducting undergraduate research, engaged in industry internships and/or cooperative employment, presenting at professional conferences, or publishing in peer-reviewed journals to document their experience through the University Honors Program. Participation in the program is an opportunity to certify the high caliber of work that you have completed.

Eligible students will work with the Supervisor of their BCOE Activity (Supervisor), the Engineering Honors Program Faculty Mentor (Mentor), the UHP Advisor (Advisor) and the BCOE UHP Coordinator (Coordinator) to create a plan to meet Honors Program requirements through a BCOE Activity and develop criteria that defines honors level work. Students who demonstrate that they have met the criteria will have their achievement documented on both their diploma and their academic transcripts.

If you are currently a University Honors Program scholar, then use the guidelines and the documents below to start the process. To become a University Honors Program scholar, visit If you have questions, contact the Coordinator at

  1. Think about the various BCOE Activities that you are currently participating in or plan to participate in that might fulfill UHP requirements. Examples could include an undergraduate research experience, a summer internship, an enhanced project for any Engineering course in which you are currently enrolled (also called a contract course), or Senior Design. See the Activity Development Form for details.
  2. Determine the Supervisor for your activity and the Mentor for your major. Use the Activity Development Form and the Mentors List for confirmation.
  3. Contact the Supervisor and Mentor to discuss your thoughts. An example e-mail is available to schedule time to meet with them both.
  4. Bring the Activity Development Form and the Activity Definition Form to your meetings with your Supervisor and Mentor.
  5. Submit the completed Activity Definition Form to the parties indicated on the document and begin your activity.
  6. When the activity is completed bring the Activity Definition Form and the Activity Assessment Form to your Supervisor.
  7. Your Supervisor and Mentor will assess your work turn in the final assessment to the Coordinator.
  8. The Coordinator will work with the Advisor to have your work certified.

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