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Q&A With Computer Science Faculty Member Victor Zordan

Professor Victor ZordanGive us an overview of the Computer Science and Engineering department at Bourns:

"CSE is an up and coming department that is already known for its excellent undergraduate programs and research in several specialized domains including networks, security, embedded systems, bioinformatics, graphics, data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning."

What types of opportunities are available to BCOE Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors (i.e. internships, research opportunities, etc.)?

"CSE provides a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience. Each program begins with careful attention placed on starting off on the right foot and finishes with a capstone project that solidifies the coursework in a desired study area. Many CSE students are offered opportunities to join laboratories through undergraduate research positions. And active professional societies expose a host of extracurricular activities with opportunities to meet like-minded students and potential employers for post-graduation."

What are the most common career paths for Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors?

"Software and IT positions are in growing need in the US and internationally. Even with trends toward more global markets, CSE degree programs offer competitive and sought-after experience for immediate job placement and increasingly competitive positions in top-ranked graduate schools."

What new initiatives or research opportunities do students in your department have the chance to get involved with?

"We have recently instituted a first-year learning community experience that matches individual incoming students with a cohort of peers for support and enriched growth. The same program also exposes students to the ins and outs of being a CSE major early in their freshmen year in order to better orient and prepare students for their college experience.

Following the success of this program, a parallel effort is being introduced at the junior year to begin to prepare students for the process of landing a job of their liking or possibly considering an advanced degree. A major part of this project which is currently in the final steps of planning is to expose students to undergraduate research and encourage students to get involved in one of the many interesting laboratories housed by the department."

How does the Bourns Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs compare to other top engineering institutions in quality of the research and faculty?

"The research at CSE is top-notch, we boast the largest graduate program on campus precisely because our research is excellent, our faculty is among the top in their respective fields, and our graduate students are repeatedly landing impressive, career-making academic and industry jobs across the field of computer science."

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