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Interview with Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Tom Stahovich

Tom StahovichProvide an overview of the Mechanical Engineering major at Bourns:

"The undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Program in the Bourns College of Engineering at UC Riverside is based on a rigorous curriculum emphasizing fundamental knowledge and skills. The curriculum begins with a solid foundation of mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology. The curriculum continues with an intensive course of study in mechanical engineering science, including mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, materials, engineering modeling, and design. This is reinforced through two major laboratory courses focused on experimental techniques, data acquisition, and project-based experiments. The program culminates in a capstone senior design project in which teams of students design, prototype, and test devices that serve real-world needs."

What types of opportunities are available to BCOE Mechanical Engineering majors (i.e. internships, research opportunities, etc.)?

"The Mechanical Engineering program at UC Riverside has several unique features designed to help students succeed and to differentiate them from their peers. For example, the freshmen experience includes an introductory Mechanical Engineering course (ME 002) that provides a comprehensive overview of mechanical engineering. This course teaches engineering problem solving skills and provides a framework to help students connect concepts from subsequent courses. This course gives first year students the skills they need to begin solving real-world engineering problems. The curriculum is also unique in that there is a capstone experience in each of the core components of the curriculum, including thermal and fluid sciences, mechanics, experimental techniques, and design. These capstone experiences reinforce fundamentals and introduce skills essential for engineering practice."

What new initiatives or research opportunities do students in your department have the chance to get involved with?

"Mechanical Engineering undergraduates are encouraged to participate in faculty research. Students may take up to four units of research toward their degree requirements."

What are the most common career paths for Mechanical Engineering majors?

"The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate program is designed to prepare students for a number of career paths. Of course, upon graduation, students are well equipped for a successful career as a Mechanical Engineer. Beyond this, however, the rigorous nature of the program prepares students for the pursuit of advanced graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and other allied fields. Likewise, the analytical skills and educational breadth of the program prepares students to enter professional careers outside of engineering, such as business and law."

How does the Bourns Mechanical Engineering program compare to other top engineering institutions in quality of the research and faculty?

"All members of the Mechanical Engineering faculty maintain vigorous research programs in their fields of expertise. These fields include energy processing, bio transport, nano and micro devices, information and design engineering, multiphase flow and combustion, and air quality and fire engineering. Several of our faculty members serve on editorial boards, and as editors and associate editors for prestigious journals in their field. Other faculty honors include one Fellow of TMS, one ASM Fellow, one ASME Fellow, one AAAS Fellow, two AIAA Associate Fellows, one ASLMS Fellow, one ARO YIP Award, one AFOSR YIP Award, two NSF CAREER awards, and one NIH K01 award recipient."

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