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Program Requirements

Program Requirements for Current BCOE Students

Program requirements include items that govern the receipt of a B.S. degree from the Bourns College of Engineering.

Some program requirements include criteria for declaring double majors or changing majors into Engineering, and readmission.

Other requirements cover the items necessary for earning a degree, such as major and breadth requirements, as well as the maximum number of units allowed in pursuit of such a degree.

Majors and Major Requirements

A list of all the majors within the Bourns College of Engineering and links to the major requirements, breadth requirements, course listings and technical electives.

Breadth Requirments

Breadth requirements ensure that BCOE students receive a complete, well-rounded education. This page details the breadth requirements and features a PDF with a list of the courses that fulfill the requirement.

Double Major

A double major is when a student  pursues to undergraduate degrees at one time. This page contains information for students who are interested in or are currently pursuing a double major.

Changing Your Major to Engineering

This page contains information for students outside the Bourns College of Engineering who plan on changing their major to engineering, or those changing from one engineering major to another.

Five-Year Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree Program

Several majors within the Bourns College of Engineering have programs that allow exceptional students to earn both their B.S. and M.S. degrees in just five years. This page contains the basic information on the programs.

Maximum Units

Students in good standing in the Bourns College of Engineering are generally limited to a maximum of 18 units. This page contains information on exceptions to these rules, as well as information for students in academic difficulty.

Readmission to the College of Engineering

Students returning to active status after time away from the university must apply for readmission. This page details the requirements for students returning to the college.

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