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Changing to a BCOE major

CHASS and CNAS students MUST contact your college Transition Advisor for change of major information BEFORE contacting BCOE.

See these links for details:




Students who have the support of their current college to pursue a change of major should read and follow the instructions below.



How to Change Your Major to a BCOE Major

Please follow the below three-step process to change your major. 

Step 1: Read this entire page.

Step 2:  Review the Major Change criteria by choosing the major of interest below.

Step 3: Once you meet the Major Change criteria submit the online Major Change Request form.

Step 4: Your request will be evaluated within the first three weeks of the quarter.  You will receive email notification of your status. 

Step 5: Successfully meeting criteria results in an approved change of major.

Please note, do NOT fill out the Online Major Change Request form until all grades have posted for the Major Change criteria classes.

Online Major Change Request Form


Major changes are reviewed and processed within the first three weeks of every quarter.   Upon review, you will be notified via your UCR email account whether your major change request was approved by week five of the quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What classes should I take next quarter if I am trying to change my major?

You should try to take courses that help meet the major change criteria for your desired major. You can also review the Suggested Course Plan for your desired major at The Suggested Course Plans list all courses required to complete each major and serve as a guide to navigating the program. Additionally, you can use the Catalog to learn about prerequisites and help plan your time here.

I'm registered for MATH 9C and I'm taking it for an S/NC grade.  Is this allowed in BCOE?

No, all math, science and engineering and English composition courses must be taken for a letter grade basis.  See your current college rules for petitioning for retroactive changes to grading basis.

I have more than 120 units, will I be eligible to change my major to BCOE if I meet all other criteria?

No, students who have 120 or more units are not eligible for a change of major to BCOE.

I have transferred to UCR from another institution or a community college, can I change my major to a BCOE major?

Transfers are expected to earn the degree for the major to which they were accepted.  Transfer students will be subject to both admissions criteria and change of major criteria.  A petition would need to be filed for an evaluation.  See this link for transfer admissions criteria:

Can I take an engineering class even though I am not an engineering major?

You can take any class for which you meet the prerequisites. If a class has a restriction that gives priority to engineering majors, you will not be able to enroll. You may need to wait until seats are released during the make-up registration periods or until the class is offered in a subsequent term.

What are maximum units?

A student must be able to complete a major within the maximum number of units allowed for the degree. The number of maximum units varies by major and are listed here. To estimate if you can complete a major within the maximum units allowed, use the suggested course plan. Begin by crossing off the courses you have completed, then sum the units of all of the courses you have remaining. Add this to the number of units you have earned. Compare your total with the maximum units allowed for the major.

Is there a deadline to declare a major?

Major changes are reviewed and processed within the first three weeks of every quarter. In general, BCOE does not allow students to major change once they have earned 120 units.

Do I need to meet with an Academic Advisor to change my major?

No.  Academic Advisors are not available to meet with you.  If you believe you meet major change criteria, you are welcome to submit an online major change request via the link above. You will receive notification when your major change is reviewed.  

How do I know if engineering will be a good major for me? Are there courses that I can take to explore the major?

To be successful in the College of Engineering, students need to have strong math and science skills. To learn more about a particular major, you are encouraged to review the department websites, talk to students in the major and/or talk with faculty in the department. You are encouraged to visit engineering courses during the school year, talk with the instructor, let him/her know that you are considering changing your major and politely request if you can sit in on the lecture, although you will not be formally enrolled.

How many times can I take a course needed to major change?

Generally, a student may repeat only courses in which a grade of “D,” “F” or “NC” was earned. Some lower division CS courses may be repeated if a grade of C- was earned. BCOE allows a single course to be repeated only once.

I’m working on major changing to BCOE. Can I S/NC a class?

The College of Engineering requires that courses required for the major must be taken for a letter grade. If you choose to take a required major course Satisfactory/No Credit, you will be required to revert the grading basis back to a letter grade prior to being able to major change to BCOE.

I have placed into a non-BCOE required math course.  What do I do?

See your current academic advisor and ask for a math placement adjustment.

I have credit for a non-BCOE required math course.  How do I enroll in the appropriate BCOE required math course?

See the CNAS Enrollment Management Center.

I'm currently enrolled in PHYS 2A (or I took PHYS 2A or I have AP credit for PHYS 2A), can I take PHYS 40B?

If you complete PHYS 2LA with a grade of at least C- you are eligible to take PHYS 40B.  See the CNAS Enrollment Management Center.

I failed ARC-035 Intermediate Algebra Workshop (formerly LNCR-035), can I major change to BCOE?


Is the M.S. in Engineering program available online? 

Yes, for more information on the online program please click here

What if I still have questions?

Send an email to with your full name and the phrase "CHANGE OF MAJOR" in the subject line.
Make sure to include your student ID number in the body of the message along with your questions.

Major Change Criteria:

Please click on the major below to see the major change criteria.


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