Keys for Success at BCOE While Learning Remotely

The Basics!

  1. Ensure consistent WiFi access; upgrade if necessary.  
  2. If consistent WiFi is not available, the campus offers Hot Spots, click WiFi recommendations, free hotspots for students needing WiFi access.
  3. Ensure consistent computing device, laptop, or desktop.  The college does have a laptop requirement; all new BCOE students must have a laptop; see Laptop Policy.
  4. If a consistent computing device is not available, the campus has a limited number of computers that students can borrow; see Loaner Device program
  5. Ensure consistent access to space to learn without distractions; see strategies and resources for learning remotely.

Study and Learn the College Way!

  1. Students must learn to use some type of planning device.  Planning to study 2-3 hours for each hour of instruction is a must!  If you need help setting up a study plan, contact your BCOE Academic Advisor; see what BCOE Advisors do; also see accessing BCOE Academic Advisor.
  2. Don’t isolate yourself studying alone if you run into challenges!  This is the toughest thing to learn.  You must learn to be independent and accountable, but also interdependent.  Why? Engineering is so challenging it requires a team and group effort.  Without  collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork, students can feel unnecessarily challenged, isolated, below par academically, and shamed.  SO BUILD CONNECTION WITH OTHER ENGINEERING STUDENTS!  We are in this together.  Here is how:
    • UCR has an active student life, and BCOE in particular has 20+ student organizationsLearning Communities are also available for BCOE freshmen; in fact most freshmen are in a learning community. 
    • New and continuing BCOE transfer students receive support from Transfer Transition Program, Peer Mentors, and staff from BCOE Transfer Resource Center, Guadalupe Ruiz, and Fernanda Rojas 
    • Also plan to go to your instructors office hours for help; you can do this with a peer if you like.  For some strange reason, students don’t meet with faculty during office hours until before the midterm and final.  PLAN TO ATTEND OFFICE HOURS EVERY WEEK WITH A NEW FRIEND OR MEET SOME WHO IS ATTENDING.  The likelihood is you will be the only one of very few students present.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS ONE ON ONE OPPORTUNITY!!!
  3. Find balance!  For most new students, this is the first time you will be self-managing most of your time.  The pandemic makes it much more difficult.  You will need to eat right, exercise, engage in healthy habits to relieve stress, laugh, and have some joy.   Everyone rejuvenates differently.  If you need help finding balance reach out to the Well or your BCOE Academic Advisor; see what BCOE Advisors do; also see accessing BCOE Academic Advisor.
  4. Our current students have been adjusting to the new learning environment.  They are succeeding.  BCOE cares about you; see what current BCOE students shared about their remote learning experience.

Resources Supporting Remote Learning

  1.   Stay engaged while learning remotely!  Need help?
    • UCR’s and ASK UCR provide tremendous resources to enhance the online learning environment for students with varying learning styles, temperaments, or personality types.
  2.  Get tutoring and more at the Academic Resource Center; the Center offers individual and group tutoring, supplemental instruction; workshops on time management and study skills; peer mentoring, and support for transfer students.
  3.  You can access all libraries and the bookstore while learning remotely via Library and Bookstore
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