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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Learning Communities?

Learning Communities are academic and social networks designed to:

  • Develop close relationships
  • Provide academic support
  • Guide, promote and enhance the overall student experience

What is an Engineering First-Year Learning Community (EFLC)?

First year engineering students with similar career interests are grouped together and enrolled in the same math, science and engineering courses each quarter of the first year. Academic enrichment services such as discussion sessions and study groups are exclusively offered in connection to each course. Discussion sessions and study groups are structured to emphasize the application of math and science in an engineering context. This combined with Supplemental Instruction, offered by specially trained student leaders, form a solid foundation which encourages the development of an engineering "identity" and group pursuit of academic excellence.

What are the benefits of EFLC?

In addition to having a ready-made network of support, guaranteed enrollment in courses for the first year, a stronger connection to Engineering, better academic performance, and early career development opportunities.

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides course-specific academic support to students in large, first-year courses.  It is "tutoring kicked up a notch."  SI sessions are facilitated by specially trained student leaders who, as part of their job, attend the course lectures and work with the professor and TAs to make sure the materials they are presenting in their sessions are consistent with the class. The SI sessions provide an informal and interactive setting in which students can get detailed help in a specific course.  Overall, participating students show a marked improvement in their final grades.

What are the requirements for being in an EFLC?

All first year Engineering students enrolled in EFLC sections are expected to commit to the following.

  • Accept pre-registration in required first year courses.
  • Attend all class lectures and secondary class activities
  • Participate in EFLC specific supplemental instruction (SI*).
  • Reap the full benefits of EFLC membership.

What will I do in the EFLC?

All of the things you should be doing even if you are not in the EFLC. Going to class, studying, attending office hours, joining an Engineering club/organization, and meeting with your academic advisor. Being in the EFLC means that you will know other people doing the exact same things. So you can do all of these things together without it feeling as scary.

How do I join an EFLC?

All first year Engineering students are automatically enrolled in an EFLC at Highlander Orientation for Freshmen. Students not enrolled in an EFLC should contact the Program Coordinator.

How do I opt out of EFLC?

Send e-mail to In the message include your full name, your student id number, your major, and explain the reason you deserve to be opted out of the EFLC, not the reason you want to be opted out of the EFLC.

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