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Frequently Asked Questions

Be your own best resource: Though the staff of the Office of Student Academic Affairs are happy to assist all students, sometimes answers can be found more expediently by using the resources available at students’ disposal. Students can consult the UCR General Catalog, the Schedule of Classes, the College of Engineering Undergraduate Guide, and the UCR Campus Guide & Telephone Directory for answers to their questions.

Some questions, asked more frequently of Student Academic Affairs advisors are addressed below and may also be of assistance.

Why does Student Academic Affairs assign students to an advisor?

One of the most important reasons for assigning students is consistency. Advisors who can track a student’s academic progress, and consider that student’s unique circumstances, are more likely to catch any irregularities that may come up in the student’s pursuit of their degree. Past experience has shown that fragmented advising that results from students seeking advice from the next available advisor may give incomplete guidance. Students may share one aspect of their circumstances with one advisor, but neglect to do so with the next advisor, and important considerations may then be overlooked in offering the best advice.

Time savings is also an important consideration. An assigned advisor saves students from repeating themselves and their situations to each new advisor they encounter. Over time, this benefits both students as well as advisors.

We realize that not all students will view this as a benefit. Though many will appreciate dealing with one person who knows their issues, others will feel inconvenienced by the restrictiveness. Often, the latter group of students will have seemingly small and/or simplistic issues that require advisor attention. Under that impression, they believe it is not necessary for ‘their’ advisor to provide assistance, but rather, any available advisor. In some cases, they are correct. However, in other cases, the implications of their actions are farther reaching than they realize. Generally, only a trained advisor can distinguish between the two. However, Student Success Counselors also maintain office hours to provide yet another form of assistance (specifically on general matters).

Ultimately, academic advising is a service provided to students to facilitate their graduation. The value that each student places upon this service is unique unto that student, however, regardless of how much advising services are utilized, the advisor is still responsible for clearing students to graduate, and thus the best resource that students have to make sure they are on track to achieving their goal. Changes made to the advising structure are made with this goal in mind.

We realize that there will be times when a student’s designated advisor is not available. Just as in any university office, there will be times when a desired service is not available. Despite their other responsibilities (all advisors have other duties in addition to their student advising hours), advisors make every effort to be responsive to the students in their caseloads. Since each advisor responds to a very specific group of individual students, they should be able to resolve most students’ issues with minimal inconvenience. Understandably, no student wishes to be inconvenienced, but the improved efficiency and quality of advising services are designed to compensate for the reality of occasional inconvenience.

How do I know when I register for classes?

Your appointment time will be available on GROWL approximately one week prior to the beginning of registration.

How do I transfer units from another college/university to UCR?

Have the other college/university send your official transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UCR. If they are transferable and applicable, the units will be added to your undergraduate record, and the Student Academic Affairs Office will assess comparability of the units to courses offered by UCR.

Can I take a class if I have not satisfied the prerequisites for the class?

The only way you can take a class without having satisfied the prerequisite is by obtaining instructor approval. If the instructor approves, have him/her notify the Student Academic Affairs Office in writing and then ask an advisor to enroll you in the class.

What should I do if a class that I need is full?

Continue to check the Schedule of Classes as often as you can. Students are constantly adding and dropping classes via GROWL until the end of the second week. If you are persistent it is likely that you will notice an opening in the class you want. Once you find an opening, you can add the class. Classes that are full at the end of the third week of instruction are to be considered closed. Late adds are not approved for students who continue to attend beyond this point, without benefit of compelling circumstances.

Why do I have to have College of Engineering and UCR Webmail accounts?

The College of Engineering relies extensively upon the Web and e-mail to convey information and provide services. The campus has directed that we are only to use your Webmail account to communicate with you. While your private e-mail address may be a part of your student file, it is not linked to a major-specific alias of College of Engineering students, and as such, is not practical for distribution of broadcast messages from the college, such as those announcing scholarships, internship opportunities, changes in procedure, and more.

What is my UCR Webmail address?

The following information can be accessed when you log onto GROWL. It's located under the "Student Identifiers" link on the left menu. An example is provided below.

Student Identifiers

Your Student ID is:

860123456 Used to access multiple UCR systems, including GROWL, Housing, etc

Your UCR Username is:

bsmit004 Used for Wireless Network, Proxy Server, VPN, Computer Labs and Blackboard

Your Webmail Account is: Used for Webmail login

Your Webmail Email Address is: E-mail sent to this address is directed to your Webmail account.

I have a hold on my registration. What should I do?

Holds can be placed by many offices on campuses, but those placed by the College of Engineering generally are related to academic standing. In other words, a College of Engineering hold usually means you are in academic probation. To have the hold removed, you must meet with an advisor to discuss your problem grades, the reason(s) for them, what your plans are for the current term, and what this means to you. Check your quarterly registration email to determine if you may have a different hold on your account.

I plan to graduate next quarter. What do I need to do?

You must declare yourself a graduation candidate by filing an Application for Graduation with the Office of Student Academic Affairs by the deadline published in the Schedule of Classes. Failure to declare candidacy by the deadline means that you cannot be considered a candidate until the next term.

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