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How to Calculate Your GPA

Calculating Your Grade Point Average

The cumulative and quarter GPAs are weighted averages of all of your letter-graded courses taken in the University of California system. Courses graded Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC) and transfer courses, other than those from UC campuses, do not count in the UC GPA. The cumulative GPA is the overall UC GPA; recalculated each quarter to include your most recent grades. The quarter GPA is the average earned in an individual term. Both GPAs are considered in determining your academic status.

In order to calculate the GPA, you must first know the number of grade points that you have earned during the term. Individual grades are converted to points by multiplying the number of units that the course is worth, typically four at UCR, by the number of grade points that the grade represents (as determined from the chart below).

Letter Grade Value Grade Points
(for a 4-unit course)
A 4 16
A- 3.7 14.8
B+ 3.3 13.2
B 3 12
B- 2.7 10.8
C+ 2.3 9.2
C 2 8
C- 1.7 6.8
D+ 1.3 5.2
D 1 4
D- 0.7 2.8
F 0 0

Grade Points are determined by multiplying the Value of an assigned grade by the Unit Value of the course. Mathematically, this can be expressed as:

Grade Points = V x UV

The GPA requires two sums: the summation of all the grade points earned for the term you are calculating: Quarter Points (QPTS); and the summation of all the letter-graded units attempted during the term: Quarter Hours (QHRS).

Σ(Grade Points) = QPTS
Σ(Letter-Graded Units) = QHRS

To determine the GPA, divide the Quarter Points (QPTS) by the Quarter Hours (QHRS):


Working with Repeats: When calculating a GPA that includes repeated coursework, remember that the most recent taking of a course is generally the one that is included for GPA credit. In most cases, the prior grade and its associated grade points and unit value are excluded from the GPA at that point. This means that at the point a course is repeated, the GPA from the term containing the original taking of the course will most likely change. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Please take note of the Repeat Rules, and consult an academic advisor if you have questions.

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