Engineering Learning Communities


What is an Engineering First Year Learning Community? (EFLC)?

First year students are grouped together and enrolled in the same sections of Engineering, math, science, and supplemental instruction each quarter of the first year. Engineering First Year Learning Communities are academic and social networks designed to:

  • Foster the development of close academic and social relationships through community building.
  • Support the academic and social transition needed to meet the challenges of a rigorous engineering curriculum.
  • Guide, promote and enhance first year engineering student's pursuit of academic excellence.

What are the benefits of being a member of an Engineering First Year Learning Community?

Clustering students encourages the development of an engineering identity and group pursuit of academic excellence.

Ready-Made Support Networks!

Even the most proactive first year students wander alone, most often aimlessly, trying to establish connections to support their academic success. Students who join the Engineering First Year Learning Community have the advantage of being part of a pre-existing ready-made network. EFLC members don’t work by themselves; from day one they are part of a team focused on achieving academic excellence.

Guaranteed To Get The Classes You Need!

Registering for classes, a daunting task for most first year students is streamlined and simplified significantly for members of an Engineering First Year Learning Community. Seats are reserved for Engineering Learning Community members to guarantee that they get the courses they want and the accompanying enrichment services.

Stronger Connection and Identification with Engineering!

The first year in Engineering is filled with foundational courses that are shared throughout the entire University. In a large lecture, you might be surrounded by students who may not spend 40 hours each week studying. In fact, the likelihood is that you may never get to know the student next to you and might miss an important connection. The Engineering First Year Learning Community encourages bonding among Engineering students and the development of an Engineering identity. From day one, you never have to guess if the student next to you understands what it’s like to be an Engineering major. Bonding opportunities with other Engineering students happens immediately.

Better Academic and Career Results!

Research reveals that on average Engineering First Year Learning Community members maintain higher GPAs, finish their degree programs in shorter periods of time, and are better equipped with adaptive and team-oriented skills required for success in rapidly evolving technology industries. Engineering First Year Learning Community students tend to get the highest grades and the best jobs!

More Fun!

Participating in the Engineering First Year Learning Community will be fun and socially rewarding. Members have personal invitations to both College sponsored social events for all students and special freshmen-only social events. In addition, peer mentors and Engineering student organizations offer socials, “meet and greet” sessions, receptions, banquets, potlucks, camping trips, engineering competitions, field trips to industry, conference travel, and other celebrations which are offered to all students, but especially cater to the first year students seeking friendships and information.

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