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A green laser light going through the silicon quantum dots, and the silicon quantum dots re-emitting blue light (i.e. upconversion).
Making higher-energy light to fight cancer
Researchers use nontoxic silicon nanocrystals to convert low-energy photons into high-energy ones, bringing scientists closer to developing photodynamic treatments for cancer
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Seismograph recording
Earthquakes, chickens, and bugs, oh my!
New big data algorithms improve earthquake detection; monitor livestock health and agricultural pests
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Glasses on a book
UCR scientists rank among world’s most influential scholars
The world’s most influential scientific researchers in 2019 include 10 current UCR scholars.  In its annual list, Clarivate Analytics names the most highly cited researchers — those whose work was most often referenced by other scientific research papers for the preceding decade in 21 fields across the sciences and social sciences. The 2019 list is based on citations between 2008-18.
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The vision of the Office of Student Academic Affairs is to support the academic departments in producing knowledgeable and well-rounded students by engaging students before and after they enter UCR, and helping them to attain their full academic potential.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support engineering students in achieving their educational goals by providing guidance and services which enhance their academic development.

We strive to fulfill this mission by:

  • Committing to excellence, the academic counseling profession, and continued development.
  • Working intentionally to build respect, trust, and cooperation with students in support of their academic success.
  • Considering individual student needs while encouraging student development.
  • Encouraging academic planning, self-awareness, accountability, and resourcefulness.
  • Helping students respond proactively and productively to issues impacting academic success.
  • Upholding academic policies of the university, BCOE, and its departments.
  • Assisting students in acclimating to and navigating the academic environment, policies, and expectations.