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Withdrawal may be from either a single course, or from an entire quarter.

Drop a Course in Spring 2020

All requests to drop a course must be submitted through the Enrollment Adjustment Form on myforms.ucr.edu prior to the Thursday, June 18 deadline. 

*Dropping a course is a PERMANENT decision. It cannot be undone, even if you gain new information after submitting the form.

Drops that will result in part-time status must be approved by the Office of Student Academic Affairs. A BCOE Online Petition, documenting the reason for requesting to drop to part-time status, must be submitted, along with the Enrollment Adjustment Form, to the Office of Student Academic Affairs. The petition must be submitted by Tuesday, June 16.

Withdrawal From a Quarter

Withdrawal from an entire quarter erases all academic effort for a full term. It carries no negative GPA consequences. The act of completing this process will end your matriculation as a UCR student. Withdrawals processed within the first three weeks of a term will remove all enrollment information for the affected term. Withdrawals after the 3rd week of the term will result in W grades assigned to all courses. An indication of withdrawal must be made to the Office of Student Academic Affairs on or before the last day of instruction for a current term.

Special Note for Withdrawal and Readmission

Students requesting to withdraw from a quarter and return in the immediate following term must be in Good Academic Standing, and are subject to a Readmission fee. Under these circumstances, the traditional readmission deadlines do not apply.

A student who is withdrawing while on Academic Probation is not eligible for Readmission in the immediate following term.


Go to the Registar website, read the directions there, and submit the form electronically at myforms.ucr.edu.