Readmission into the College of Engineering

Readmission is the act of restoring matriculation after a period of time away from UCR.  Matriculation ends when a student withdraws from a term, does not enroll by the third week of a term, or cancels their enrollment for a future term. A student’s matriculation can also end as a result of a dismissal, a lapse, or a suspension. Readmission must be pursued to allow the student to resume their student status.

Please review this entire page and the Readmission Q & A.

Students seeking readmission who left UCR with a cumulative and/or term GPA of at least 2.0 should complete the Readmission Application.  Then scan and e-mail the completed application by the deadline dates listed at the bottom of this page to  In the subject line, type READMISSION.

A student seeking readmission who left UCR with a cumulative and/or term GPA below 2.0, must complete at least 20 units (or 5 five courses) directly related to the major with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 (2.7 for Computer Science & Computer Science with Business Applications). All courses taken to fulfill readmission requirements must be completed with a minimum grade of C-. The readmission courses can be taken at a community college, a California State University campus, another University of California campus, a private institution, or UCR Extension.

Students may only use courses directly related to or required by the major to qualify for readmission. Courses should be chosen from fields such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, or Engineering. Appropriate courses do not include breadth (Humanities/Social Science) or English courses and only include Biology for specific majors.

The grade point average for readmission will be calculated based on all courses taken by the student prior to the evaluation for readmission, even if the student has taken more than 20 units (or five classes).

Notes on Readmission

  • A student who left UCR with a term and/or cumulative GPA below 2.0 is not allowed to pursue readmission in the term immediately following their leave. A minimum of one academic term must pass before being approved to work toward readmission. Summer is not considered an academic term.
  • All UCR and BCOE policies, including those on repeating courses and unit maximums, apply to students who are attempting to readmit to a BCOE major.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in courses through UCR Extension's concurrent enrollment program. A minimum of 2 courses should be taken each quarter.
  • Students are expected to return to good standing within one quarter of readmitting to BCOE or face dismissal.
  • A student who is dismissed, successfully readmits, and is subsequently dismissed again, is no longer eligible to readmit to BCOE.
  • Courses in which a grade of D+ or lower is earned while working toward readmission must be repeated before the student will be evaluated for meeting readmission requirements.
  • Students have a four-quarter period to meet readmission. The four-quarter limit begins with the first quarter the student enrolls in a course that fulfills readmission requirements
  • Former BCOE students who wish to pursue a major outside of Engineering should contact that College for major change and readmission information.
  • Former students with majors outside the College of Engineering will be held to both the readmission criteria and to major change criteria.
  • Students who are readmitting solely to graduate: these students must submit an Application for Graduation with the Application for Readmission.
  • First, read this entire page.
  • Second, click here to submit the form to notify us that you are pursuing readmission.
  • Next, Determine if you left in good standing or in academic probation status.
  • Based on your academic standing when you left, identify the course of action you need to follow.
  • Once you believe you have met the proper criteria, use this link to access an Application for Readmission
  • Readmission Application Form
  • Scan and e-mail the application as an attachment to In the subject line, type READMISSION.
  • If you left in academic probation status, please also attach unofficial transcripts for all coursework taken since your last regular UCR enrollment. Individual grade reports are not acceptable for a readmission evaluation.
  • Completed applications and unofficial transcripts must be submitted to the BCOE Office of Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs by the deadline dates posted below.
  • Once evaluated, you will be contacted via e-mail about the status of the application.

Deadline Dates

  • Fall - August 15th
  • Winter - November 15th
  • Spring - February 15th 

Contact Information

E-mail: in the subject line type: READMISSION



If Approved

  • An e-mail will be sent with next step instructions.
  • The student will take the form to the Highlander One Stop Shop for processing and payment of the readmission fee.
  • The student will receive e-mail notification of their reactivated status within two business days of payment.
  • The student must provide official transcripts from all institutions attended while working toward readmission. Send official transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 3106 Student Services Building, University of California, Riverside CA 92521.

If Denied

  • The BCOE Office of Student Academic Affairs will send e-mail to your UCR Webmail account providing details on the reasons for the denial, as well as an evaluation of potential future readmission.




 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it mean to be dismissed?

    Dismissal means that you are no longer a UCR student.

  • Can I appeal or petition my dismissal?

    If you believe you have outstanding circumstances that prevented you from being successful then send an e-mail to your Academic Advisor explaining the circumstances and the reason(s) that you did not share these circumstances with your Academic Advisor prior to receiving your dismissal notification. The likelihood is that if you were not offered an appeal at the time of dismissal, then you are not eligible for an appeal. An opportunity to appeal is not a guarantee that your appeal will be approved and/or your dismissal will be rescinded.

  • If I submit an appeal, can I meet with the person who makes the decision?

    You will not meet in person with the final decision maker. DO NOT seek out or e-mail the Dean or Associate Dean. It will do more harm than good. 

  • I already paid my tuition and fees. When do I get them back?

    Your dismissal may take at least two weeks to be processed. At that time, your tuition and fees will be refunded to you in the matter in which you paid them. Contact Student Business Services in person at the Student Services Building or by phone at 951-827-3204 for more information. 

  • I got a dismissal letter and/or my appeal was denied? How do I become a UCR student again?

    If you want to become a UCR student again, you will need to work toward readmission by meeting readmission requirements. DISMISSED STUDENTS and any other students who left while in academic probation status are not allowed to pursue readmission in the term immediately following their dismissal or leave. A minimum of one academic term must pass before a student can be approved to work toward Readmission. Summer is not considered an academic term. 

  • What is Readmission?

    Readmission is the act of restoring active student status. Any time a student's matriculation ends, readmission must be pursued to allow the student to resume their student status. 

  • How do I meet Readmission requirements?

    To readmit to the Bourns College of Engineering, you will need to take a minimum of 20 units or five classes (whichever you achieve first) directly related to your desired Engineering major at another institution. In those courses you must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (2.7 for Computer Science, Business Informatics, and Computer Science with Business Applications) with no grade less than a C-. To readmit to another college at UCR, you will need to contact that college about both major change and Readmission requirements. 

  • What classes do I need to take?

    A course directly related to the major is any course on the suggested course plan that fulfills a requirement for the major. English and Breadth courses do not meet Readmission requirements. Generally, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering courses will meet Readmission requirements depending on the major. To determine what classes are best for you, get a suggested course plan for your major, cross out the courses you have successfully completed, any course remaining that is not breadth for which you meet pre-requisites is, most likely, a course you can take to fulfill Readmission. 

  • Where can I take the courses?

    You may take the courses at a community college, a California State University (CSU), another University of California (UC) campus, a private four-year institution, or via UCR Extension. If you take them at a community college, use to determine the correct equivalent courses. If you take them at a CSU, UC, or private school, the course will need to be evaluated for equivalency prior to enrollment being approved. Obtain a copy of the syllabus for the course, including the course description. Send e-mail to with READMISSION in the subject line. In the e-mail include your full name, student id number, what you believe to be the equivalent UCR course, and a request for evaluation for equivalency.

  • What is UCR Extension?

    UCR Extension is a campus partner that allows anyone from the surrounding community to take a course at UCR without officially being a UCR student. Although you may choose to take classes at UCR Extension and take UCR classes, YOU ARE NOT A UCR STUDENT. As an Extension student, you have no rights, guarantees, or privileges afforded to UCR students. Your grades will not appear in GROWL. You will need special access to iLearn and labs.

  • Where should I take the courses?

    You should take the courses at the institution that will give you the best opportunity for success. The benefit of taking the courses at UCR Extension is that if you are readmitted, the grades you earn will be calculated into your UCR GPA. The likelihood is that you will return to good standing because you are being required to perform at a higher standard. The drawback is that there is no guarantee that you will be able to enroll in the class(es) you need and there is no financial aid assistance. If you take courses elsewhere, the grades will be part of the readmission evaluation, but will not have any impact on your UCR GPA if you are readmitted.

  • How do I take courses at a community college, CSU, another UC, or a private school?

    Contact that institution directly to determine their requirements.

  • Where is UCR Extension and how do I sign up for courses?

    UCR Extension is located on University Avenue across from University Village. When you arrive, let the staff person know you are a former UCR student who wants to work toward readmission to UCR. They will walk you through their application process and give you two kinds of forms—concurrent enrollment forms and iLearn access forms. Use the UCR Schedule of Classes to choose the classes you want to take and fill out both forms completely.

  • Where can I get more information about UCR Extension?

    See UCR Extension's page about Concurrent Enrollment.

  • I have the forms, now what?

    Make sure the forms are filled out completely and signed. The form will require two signatures—instructor and Associate Dean. Neither the instructor nor the Associate Dean will sign the form. All forms for courses housed in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Statistics) will be signed by the CNAS Enrollment Management Center on behalf of the instructor.. Once you have a signature on behalf of the instructor bring the form to Bourns A159.

    All forms for Engineering courses will be signed by the BCOE Office of Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs on behalf of both the instructor and the Associate Dean.

    No earlier than the first day of instruction, bring all of the forms to Bourns A159. The iLearn access forms will be signed immediately and returned to you. Take the forms back to UCR Extension immediately to expedite your guest access to iLearn and to required labs. Time stamp the concurrent enrollment forms and give them to the staff person.

    If this is the first quarter that you are taking courses via UCR Extension, then at the top of the form write, “1st quarter at Extension”. Otherwise, you will need to provide a UCR Extension Grade History report prior to your forms being approved. It is best to turn in the forms with the grade history attached.

    Attend class(es) as if you are enrolled. Beginning, at 2:00pm on Wednesday of week three of the quarter, come back to Bourns A159 to check on the status of the form. If you meet pre-requisites and there is a seat available in the class, the form will be signed on behalf of the instructor and Associate Dean, then returned to you. You may need to come back every day for at least two weeks before receiving a final response. If your form is approved, you will take the form back to Extension for payment and enrollment. There is no guarantee that you will be able to enroll in the class.

  • The form was approved. How do I obtain access to iLearn?

    Obtain iLearn Access form(s) from UCR Extension. Complete and bring the form(s) to Bourns A159. A staff person will sign them and return them to you immediately. Take the form back to UCR Extension to expedite your guest access.

  • The form was denied. What can I do?

    There is nothing that you can do. There is never a guarantee that a seat will be open. You can’t crash the class, appeal to the instructor, or hope that someone will withdraw in week six so that you can enroll. 

  • I'm still enrolled in classes. Can I stay in those classes? What should I do while I'm waiting?

    You will be dropped from classes by the third week of the quarter. If you wish to re-enroll in those classes via Extension, then submit concurrent enrollment forms for those classes and continue attending as if you are enrolled. There is no guarantee that you will be able to re-enroll in those classes and/or sections. 

  • I have additional questions that aren't listed here. What should I do?

    Send e-mail to with READMISSION in the subject line. In the e-mail, include your full name, student id number, and question.

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