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Grading Basis

Enrollment on a Satisfactory/No Credit Grading Basis

There are certain situations where you might want to change the grading basis for a course or courses. Most courses are automatically graded with a letter (A, B, C, etc.), but some courses qualify for what is known as S/NC (Satisfactory/No Credit) grading.

Earning an “S” grade (Satisfactory) in a course will earn you credit for the course. Earning an “NC” grade (No Credit) will not earn you credit for the course. Changing the grading basis to S/NC means that the S or NC grade will not be calculated in your GPA. It has neither a negative nor positive GPA impact. (Please note that some graduate schools/professional schools will treat an NC grade like an F.)

Details Directions

A student in good standing may enroll and receive credit for courses graded “S.” However, the “S/NC” grading system cannot be used for any course that is used to fulfill major requirements, except for any required course which is restricted to “S/NC” grading. Up to 8 units of courses in the humanities and social sciences may be graded "S/NC". Exceptions to this policy may be granted, upon petition, by the student’s advisor and the Executive Committee. Students may change their grading basis in a course from letter grading to “S/NC” (or vice versa) up to the end of the eighth week of instruction.

Go to http://classes.ucr.edu/enrollment/UG_procedures2.htm, read the directions there, and submit the form electronically at myforms.ucr.edu