S/NC Policy

*Enrollment on a Satisfactory/No Credit Grading Basis

There are situations where you might want to change the grading basis for a course or courses. Most courses are automatically graded with a letter (A, B, C, etc.), but some courses qualify for what is known as S/NC (Satisfactory/No Credit) grading.
A BCOE student in good standing may elect to change the grading basis of course from letter grade to S/NC. 
However, the S/NC grading system for a BCOE student…

  • cannot be used for any course that fulfills a major requirement or a natural science breadth requirement
  • can be used for a maximum of eight units (or two classes) of humanities and social sciences breadth requirements

Earning an “S” grade in a course earns credit for the course. Earning an “NC” grade does not earn credit for the course. Changing the grading basis to S/NC means that the S or NC grade does not calculate in your GPA. The S/NC has no effect on your GPA. 
(Please note that some graduate schools/professional schools will treat an NC grade like an F.)
*The UCR Academic Senate and the BCOE Executive Committee returns to pre-pandemic regulations regarding the S/NC policy effective fall 2022.  See your advisor for a detailed explanation of the reason that as of fall 2022, you can ONLY S/NC up to eight units of Humanities or Social Sciences courses that fulfill a breadth requirement.  BCOE advising will deny any enrollment adjustment form to change the grading basis for any ENGL Composition, MATH, Science, or Engineering course from a letter grade to S/NC. BCOE Advising will deny a BCOE Online Petition request to change the grading basing for any ENGL Composition, MATH, Science, or Engineering course from a letter grade to S/NC without a compelling academic reason.  Any Writing Across the Curriculum course used to fulfill ENGL 1C must have a letter grade.  

Details Directions

*Students must earn the equivalent of a “C” grade in order to earn an “S”

*A ”S” meets the major requirement and prerequisite for future course(s)

*An ”NC” means you did not earn credit for the major requirement and you will likely need to repeat the course

Note:  If you can earn a “C”, BCOE strongly recommends that you do not change the grading basis to S/NC.

It is likely that a future opportunity will review the S in a less favorable light than the C.

Changing the grading basis is a final decision.

Expect BCOE to deny petitions to revert the grading basis back to a letter grade after final grade determinations indicate that you performed better than anticipated.

S/NC grading basis deadlines here.

Follow these instructions to change the grading basis of a major course before the deadline:

  1. Communicate your intention to your advisor via e-mail or drop-in
  2. Thoughtfully consider the advisement you received
  3. Weigh the pros and cons of an S/NC grade for a major course
  4. Submit an enrollment adjustment form by Friday, May 20th at 11:45am.

BCOE Student Advising will review your form and give you a response within five business days. 
The enrollment adjustment form is not available after the deadline.  

Here are the important links you will need.

Send e-mail by following the directions here

See your advisor at drop-ins: Advisor Availability

Review the Registrar's Enrollment adjustment instructions and form



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