S/NC Policy

Enrollment on a Satisfactory/No Credit Grading Basis

There are certain situations where you might want to change the grading basis for a course or courses. Most courses are automatically graded with a letter (A, B, C, etc.), but some courses qualify for what is known as S/NC (Satisfactory/No Credit) grading.

Earning an “S” grade (Satisfactory) in a course will earn you credit for the course. Earning an “NC” grade (No Credit) will not earn you credit for the course. Changing the grading basis to S/NC means that the S or NC grade will not be calculated in your GPA. It has neither a negative nor positive GPA impact. (Please note that some graduate schools/professional schools will treat an NC grade like an F.)

Details Directions

**Spring 2021 ONLY**

*Students must earn the equivalent of a “C” grade in order to earn an “S”

*Earning the ”S” meets the major requirement and prerequisite for future course(s)

 *Earning the ”NC” means you did not earn credit for the major requirement and you will likely need to repeat the course

Follow these instructions to change the grading basis of a major course before the deadline:
1.    Communicate your intention to your advisor via e-mail or drop-in
2.    Thoughtfully consider the advisement you received
3.    Weigh the pros and cons of an S/NC grade for a major course
4.    Submit an enrollment adjustment form by Friday May 21 at 11:45am.

BCOE Student Advising will review your form and give you a response within five business days. 
The enrollment adjustment form is not available after the May 21 deadline.  

Here are the important links you will need.

Send e-mail by following the directions here

See your advisor at drop-ins: Advisor Availability

Review the Registrar's Enrollment adjustment instructions and form