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S/NC Policy

Enrollment on a Satisfactory/No Credit Grading Basis

There are certain situations where you might want to change the grading basis for a course or courses. Most courses are automatically graded with a letter (A, B, C, etc.), but some courses qualify for what is known as S/NC (Satisfactory/No Credit) grading.

Earning an “S” grade (Satisfactory) in a course will earn you credit for the course. Earning an “NC” grade (No Credit) will not earn you credit for the course. Changing the grading basis to S/NC means that the S or NC grade will not be calculated in your GPA. It has neither a negative nor positive GPA impact. (Please note that some graduate schools/professional schools will treat an NC grade like an F.)

Details Directions

**Spring and summer 2020 ONLY**

*Students can S/NC a maximum of 4 major required courses 
*Students must earn the equivalent of a “C” grade in order to earn an “S”
*Earning the ”S” meets the major requirement and prerequisite for any future course(s)
 *Earning the ”NC” means you did not earn credit for the class and you will need to repeat the course if it is a major requirement.

*Changing the grading of course from a letter grade to an S/NC grade is a PERMANENT decision. It cannot be undone, even if you gain new information after submitting the form.

Follow these instructions to change the grading basis of a major course:
1.   Thoughtfully consider the advisement you received on this topic
2.    Weigh the pros and cons of an S/NC grade for a major course
3.    Submit an enrollment adjustment form by Friday June 12 at 11:45pm.

 Here are the important links you will need.
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