Maximum Units

Maximum Units Per Quarter

For Students in Good Standing
For students in good standing, enrollment is allowed in a maximum of 18 units without the need for advisor's permission. Enrolling in 19 or 20 units is possible if: your cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above; or, if your cumulative GPA is below 3.0 and you have an approved petition. Enrollment in more than 20 units always requires a petition.

For Students in Academic Difficulty
For students in academic difficulty, enrollment is limited to three courses. To take more than three courses, permission from your academic advisor is necessary. Petitions can be submitted either online or on paper. Visit our petitions page for more information.

Units Towards Overall Degree
The Office of Student Academic Affairs is required to more closely monitor, and, in some cases restrict, the number of total units that each student is allowed to complete. The allowable amount of units varies by major. The breakdown for each maximum amount of units per catalog year is indicated on the suggested course plan published here

If you are able to complete your degree program with any additional coursework within the 120% unit count, there will be no restriction on your program. If, however, you are going to exceed the 120%, you will be required to petition the Office of Student Academic Affairs for permission to proceed with your plans. Factors taken into consideration will include the total number of units completed, introductory coursework in the enhancement program or field, and the reason as to why the degree objective is necessary to complete the academic program.

For Double Majors
For double majors, the limit will be based upon the minimum units required for the first major, with the addition of an extra 40 units. That total is then capped at 120%. For example, a double major beginning in CS would have a limit of (180 + 40) * 1.2 = 264.

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