Enginuity Hall

A Place to Live, a Place to Learn, A Place to Grow

Majoring in engineering is a lot of hard work, but living in Enginuity Hall makes it easier to bridge the gap between schoolwork and fun.

Enginuity Hall is a residential housing option exclusively for freshmen in UC Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering. The program was created to enhance the success of first-year engineering students by bringing them together in an atmosphere that fosters a close academic relationship. Engineering majors who spend time with other engineering majors both inside and outside of the classroom are more likely to achieve student success.

The program is the residential component of BCOE's Engineering Learning Community, which emphasizes and nurtures relationship development and educational enhancement through access to academic and social resources. This includes mentoring from upper-division engineering students.

The Chance to Grow

With classmates living next door, study groups and support structures emerge naturally, cultivating relationships that will last well into the professional world. Several first-year students start working in the labs because of the contacts that started within the Enginuity Hall.


Becoming Part of Enginuity Hall

First-year applicants may request to live in Enginuity Hall when they fill out their application for housing at UC Riverside. Each of UCR’s residence halls features an Enginuity Hall, with approximately 50 beds available in each. All rooms are the same gender. Every setting includes quiet study lounges and computer labs outfitted with high-speed internet access.

Living in Enginuity will make it easier to bridge the gap between schoolwork and fun times. You won't have to choose because you'll have the best of both worlds in the same place.

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