Our Purpose

Student Success Guidebook

The key to success in engineering school? There's a book for that. BCOE alumnus Ruperd Wilson interviewed BCOE engineering peers on their tried-and-true best practices for success in engineering school. The resulting 33-page guidebook contains words of wisdom for incoming freshmen, transfer students and graduating seniors to help in their engineering education and careers.



The vision of the Office of Student Academic Affairs is to support the well-rounded development of engineering students in their degree pursuit, career preparation, and readiness for global citizenship.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide academic guidance and developmental services that enhance the college experience and support engineering students in pursuit of their educational goals.

We strive to fulfill this mission by working deliberately to manifest the following values:

Professionalism — We are committed to excellence, the academic counseling profession, continuous improvement, and development.
Integrity — We conduct ourselves in a manner that upholds academic policies to promote clarity and shared understanding with students.
Respect — We work intentionally to build trust and cooperation with students.
Inclusivity — We respect each student’s humanity, their unique needs, and aspirations.
Empowerment — We support students' growth towards greater clarity, purpose, and sense of self-direction.
Critical Thinking — We encourage students to proactively plan and problem solve.  
Advocacy — We continuously monitor practices and student needs to identify and resolve unique and systemic challenges in the best interest of students and the university.
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