Repeat Rules

Repeating Courses

Students may repeat up to 16 units of UC coursework in which they received a "D" or an "F" for the purposes of improving their UCR grade point average. Only the first 16 units of coursework that is later repeated will be excluded from the GPA.

When a course is repeated, the original grade points and units will be excluded from the GPA calculation. Only the repeated grade points and units will be included in the GPA, regardless of whether the repeated grade is better or worse than the original grade. The original grade will not be removed from the transcript.

Once 16 units of coursework have been repeated, the grade points and units from both the original attempt and the repeated attempt(s) will be used in calculating the grade point average.

Effective Fall 2010, the College of Engineering does not permit a single course to be taken any more than two times. If a course required for the declared or desired major is taken more than two times, or if the student is unable to achieve the required grade on the second attempt, the student will be discontinued from their BCOE major and forced to find a major outside Engineering. A student attempting to change to a major in BCOE is held to the same policy.

Many UCR courses require that a student earn a "C-" or better in a course before continuing to a subsequent course. Consult the UCR General Catalog for details.

See the UCR General Catalog for additional rules pertaining to English Composition.

Special Notes Regarding the Major GPA

Students must maintain two satisfactory grade point averages to graduate -- the cumulative and the major GPA. The above rules apply to all courses taken, and thus to both GPAs. In the event that a student's major GPA is not at least 2.0, the ability to graduate will be denied, regardless of the completion of all required courses.

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