Double Majors

A student may petition to declare a double major if he/she:

  • Meets major change criteria for both majors.
  • Has completed at least 90 units of coursework at UCR or of transferable coursework at a transfer institution, of which at least 30 units have been completed at UCR,
  • Has a GPA of 3.0 or higher over the courses completed at UCR, as well as over all courses applied towards the degree.
  • Submits a study plan to their advisor showing that:
    • The double major can be completed within applicable unit limits.
    • The coursework for each major includes at least 24 units not applicable to the other major.

The double-major combination must not be forbidden by either program, and all requirements for both majors must be completed. The student must complete at least 45 units each calendar year after declaring the double major to maintain double-major status.

Maximum Units

For double majors, the unit maximum will be based upon the minimum units required for the first major, with the addition of an extra 40 units. That total is then capped at 120%. For example, a double major beginning in CS would have a limit of (185 + 40) * 1.2 = 270.

Prohibited Double Majors

  • Chemical Engineering & Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering & Robotics Engineering
  • Computer Science & Robotics Engineering
  • Computer Science & Business Administration
  • Computer Science & Data Science
  • Computer Science & Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Computer Science with Business Applications
  • Computer Science & Computational Mathematics
  • Computer Science with Business Applications & Business Administration
  • Computer Science with Business Applications & Business Administration

Double Majors with Other Colleges

BCOE Academic Advisors are available by appointment each quarter during weeks 3 – 10 to advise non-BCOE students interested in adding an engineering major to their program.

To schedule an appointment, visit the BCOE Office of Student Academic Affairs located at Bourns A159C. Please review the BCOE major change requirements before you meet with an academic advisor.

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