Freshmen/Transfer Orientation 2022


Emailing Your Academic Advisor

In order to contact an advisor via email, you are required to use your UCR Email account to send to this e-mail address:

The formatting of the email is important to help ensure your email is routed to the correct person.  Please follow the instructions:

1) The subject line should include your full name and major designation as listed below.

2) The body of the message should include a polite inquiry, your full name, and your Student ID number.

Emails that do not include your full name and major designation in the subject line will not receive a response. Emails sent from an account that is not your UCR email will not receive a response. Emails with the incorrect major designation or the incorrect Student ID number will receive a delayed response asking for the correct information.

Messages will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.  You can expect a reply within three business days.  If you do not receive a reply with four business days, you may send a follow-up email or schedule an appointment. 

Please do not send multiple messages for the same concern.  Additionally, do not leave voicemail, e-mail, and visit your advisor.  Choose one method of contact.   If that method doesn’t result in a response within three business day, then come to drop-ins or schedule an appointment.

Are you not sure if your question can be answered by email? Check out this table to determine if an appointment is needed.

Readmission (exclude your old major code) READMIT
Bioengineering BIEN
Change of Major Change of Major
Chemical Engineering CHEN
Computer Engineering CEN
Computer Science ENCS
Computer Science with Business Application CSBA
Data Science in BCOE DTSE
Data Science in CNAS Please email your academic advisor in CNAS following CNAS procedures.
Electrical Engineering ELEN
Engineering Limited Student ENLM
Engineering Prep ENGR
Environmental Engineering ENEN
Materials Science & Engineering MSE

Mechanical Engineering*

*Must also include Class Level

MCEN FR SO - for Freshmen and Sophomores
MCEN - for Juniors and Seniors
Pre-Engineering ENPR
Undeclared-Engineering ENUN