In order to graduate, students must complete campus breadth requirements as determined by the Executive Committee of the Bourns College of Engineering. The references included with each section heading indicate the campus’ Senate regulation where the specific requirement may be found [for example: (UCR R6.1)].

To meet ABET standards for accreditation, the Bourns College of Engineering requires that at least two courses used for breadth must be upper division (courses numbered 100-199 at UCR). This depth requirement will be satisfied by taking upper-division courses in the Humanities and/or Social Sciences.

Courses must carry 4 quarter units (or more) to satisfy the breadth requirements. Honors sections of all approved courses are also eligible.

While the College may revise the list of breadth requirements on an annual basis, students are allowed to satisfy the requirement criteria with any courses that were on the approved list at the time they were taken or were subsequently added to the list.

Students who foresee a strong and justified reason to deviate from the list of approved breadth requirement courses may petition the Executive Committee of the Bourns College of Engineering, via the Office of Student Academic Affairs, for permission. Such requests must be submitted and approved in advance of actual enrollment. Requests submitted after the actual enrollment will be considered only in cases of new transfer students and changes of major. All petitions must provide an appropriate justification for the substitution.


IN ALL CASES: Students must note that major requirements may influence the choice of breadth requirements and may dictate which courses are most appropriate as breadth requirement selections. Always consult the list of requirements for the individual major before making selections for the breadth categories below.

On this list, courses are listed numerically by subject area. Courses with prerequisites have the prerequisite course/s noted in parentheses following the course title.

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