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EN stands for Engineering - Bourns College of Engineering.
The other two letter designations are for approved courses for other colleges on campus.

BCOE Breadth Requirement General Education Requirement
HUM-A EN-Hum - World History
HUM-8 EN-Hum · FA/Lit/Phil/Rel
HUM-C EN-Hum - Addl Humanities
SS-A EN-Soc Sci - Economics/Pol Sci
SS-B EN-Soc Sci - Anth/Psyc/Soc
SS-C EN-Soc Sci - Addl Social Sci
Ethnicity EN-Ethnicity
Upper Division Breadth Courses EN-ABET Depth

If you would like a course in the HUM (BC) or SS (ABC) category to also fulfill your ABET Depth course you would need to select a course
numbered 100+ in order for it to fulfill both.

All BCOE students are required to meet any pre-reqs that a lower division or upper division course has.

The breadth courses do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Courses numbered 99 and lower are considered lower division courses.
Courses numbered 100 and higher are considered upper division courses.

Your degree audit refers to your ABET Depth as Depth in that section but the literature in the General Catalog and the suggested course plans refers
to this requirement as Upper Division.

ENGL 001C alternatives that will be offered are listed here: 

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