Transferable Courses

Transferring Courses to the Bourns College of Engineering

If you are a current UCR BCOE student planning to take courses at another UC or Cal State school, or if you are transferring to the Bourns College of Engineering, then use the following table to see a partial list of transferable classes.  (CNAS has a list of transferring courses that articulate on their Academic Affairs site for your reference)

Keep in mind that the lists are not complete, and are based on the best information available. Course articulations are subject to change.

If you are interested in obtaining equivalency decisions on courses that are not listed using these resources you’ll need to obtain the full syllabi (not course description) from the other institution and request an evaluation be made by the corresponding department at UCR.  Once that department has made a determination you would then forward that email to your academic advisor so that we can assist in confirming that the course you hope to take would fulfill a requirement(s) for your major.

BCOE students who want to take a summer course at another institution are not required to obtain prior approval.  You can send e-mail to for guidance on course equivalency.

ASSIST: A Great Resource for Transferring Students

If you are interested in taking classes at a community college, your best resource is ASSIST, an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when transferred to another. For questions or clarifications, please consult your advisor.

Submitting Transcripts from Another Institution

Once you complete a course(s) and you know that your grade(s) have posted, request an official transcript to be sent to the address below. The Admissions department will process the transcripts and then you’ll see the course(s) in the system. This takes approximately three weeks. Review your degree audit in the new system and if you do not see the course, contact your academic advisor to review your record.

University of California, Riverside 
Undergraduate Admissions 
3106 Student Services Building 
Riverside, CA 92521 
(951) 827-3411

  • UC Berkeley

    UC Berkeley


    CHEM 1A & 1B

    CHEM 1A, 1LA, 1B, 1LB, 1C, 1LC

    CHEM 112A & 112B

    CHEM 112ABC

    EE 240

    EE 1A/1LA

    MATH 1A & 1B


    MATH 53

    MATH 10AB

    MATH 54

    MATH 46

    MATH 50A & 50B

    MATH 10AB & MATH 46

    PHYS 7A & 7B

    PHYS 40ABC

    MATH 128A

    MATH 135A

  • UC Irvine



    UC Irvine




    BIOSCI 93 and 99, plus one lab from BIOSCI D111L, M114L, or M116L


    BIOL 5A & 5LA


    CHEM 1A & 1LA


    CHEM 1A


    CHEM 1B & 1LB


    CHEM 1B


    CHEM 1C & 1LC


    CHEM 1C


    MATH 2A


    MATH 9A


    MATH 2B


    MATH 9B


    MATH 2C


    MATH 9C


    MATH 2D


    MATH 10A


    MATH 2E


    MATH 10B


    MATH 3D


    MATH 46


    MATH 105A


    MATH 135A


    EECS 70A


    EE 1A/1LA


    EECS 180


    EE 116


    ICS 139W


    ENGR 180


    ICS 121


    CS 180


    ICS 125


    CS 179


    ICS 141 (same as CSE 141)


    CS 181


    ICS 142


    CS 152


    ICS 143


    CS 153


    ICS 151


    CS 120A


    ICS 153


     CS 164


    ICS 161


    CS 141


    ICS 168


    CS 165


    ICS 171


    CS 170


    ICS 183


    CS 130


    ICS 184 / EECS 116


    CS 166


    ICS 21


    CS 10


    ICS 22


    CS 12


    ICS 23


    CS 14


    MAE 30


    ME 10

  • UCLA



    MATH 31A

    MATH 9A

    MATH 31B

    MATH 9B

    MATH 32A

    MATH 10A

    MATH 32B

    MATH 10B

    MATH 33B

    MATH 46

    CS 10A or 10C or 31

    CS 10

    CS 32

    CS 12

    CS 111

    CS 153

    CS 132

    CS 152

    CS 143

    CS 166

    CS 181

    CS 150

    MANE 171A

    EE 132

    MANE 105

    CHE 100

  • UC San Diego

    UC San Diego


    MATH 10A or 20A

    MATH 9A

    MATH 10B or 20B

    MATH 9B

    MATH 10C

    MATH 9C

    MATH 21C

    MATH 10A

    MATH 20E

    MATH 10B

    MATH 20D

    MATH 46

    ME 214

    ME 10

    PHYS 131 & 131L

    PHYS 40A

    PHYS 132 & 132L

    PHYS 40B

    PHYS 133 & 133L

    PHYS 40C

  • Cal State Fullerton

    Cal State Fullerton


    CHEM 120A & 120B


    CHEM 301A & CHEM 301B & CHEM 302A & CHEM 302B

    CHEM 112ABC

    MATH 150A & 150B


    MATH 250A

    MATH 10A

    MATH 250B

    MATH 46

    PHYS 225 & 225L

    PHYS 40A (& partial 40B)

    PHYS 226 & 226L

    PHYS 40C (& partial 40D)

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