Transfer Transition

Transfer Transition Program (TTP)

The Transfer Transition Program in the Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) is a year-long program exclusively designed to support incoming transfer students successfully transfer from a community college to UC Riverside. We understand it can be challenging and overwhelming to adjust to a new school environment. Therefore, we have created a program that is geared toward your success, so you don't have to go through it alone.

The TTP Workshops are exclusively designed with the transfer student in mind. Students will have the opportunity to hear from previous transfer students for first-hand experience techniques that have helped our mentors be successful in our college.

Highlights of TTP

  • Learn how to access and use resources to facilitate academic success.  Workshops are used to help you refine your time management skills and study techniques.
  • Work closely with a faculty member in your program to receive mentoring and professional guidance.
  • Meet with your academic adviser on a quarterly basis to develop a personalized course schedule.
  • Build your resume and practice interviewing for your future career.
  • Get involved in Engineering clubs, study group sessions, professional organizations, and peer mentoring.
  • Become engaged in social events
  • Networking opportunities-introducing you to engineering organizations.
  • Meet other Engineering Transfer students

We believe these opportunities will help you successfully navigate through your first year at UC Riverside. For further information and details about this program, please contact Guadalupe Ruiz, STEM Transfer Coordinator for the Transfer Transition Program.

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