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2019 Spring Quarter registration will begin on February 11.

The Schedule of Classes for the 2019 Spring Quarter is available online tomorrow (January 31) at www.classes.ucr.edu.

Your Time Ticket for registration is available to view in R’Web. Your Time Ticket listed in R’Web is NOT a meeting with me. It is the earliest time you can register for classes.

Before registering for 2019 Spring Quarter, you should check and clear all holds. Holds are listed under the “HOLDS” section in Student Profile at R’Web. Please follow-up with the appropriate office(s) to clear holds. See your campus R’Mail for details about BCOE initiated holds.

For the 2019 Spring Quarter, all BCOE students will be limited to a maximum of 17 units during the first open enrollment period (February 11-March 5). Students who are on Academic Probation are still limited to a maximum of 13 units (3 courses). The unit maximum will be restored to 18 units for BCOE students on March 6. Makeup enrollment and add/drop will begin March 6.



If you are a member of the Engineering First-Year Learning Community, you will receive a separate email explaining the registration process.


Please seek assistance in understanding major change requirements and/or making course selections from the Academic Advisor of the Department or Major you intend to pursue. Send an e-mail with ENUN in the subject line or come to drop-ins on Fridays from 9-11:30am if you still have questions or can’t reach the advisor of your desired major. Undeclared students and all students working toward major change are still subject to BCOE policies.




Send e-mail to bcoeadvising@engr.ucr.edu with CHANGE OF MAJOR in the subject line.  In the body of the message, include your full name, student id number, and the major you wish to pursue.  A BCOE advisor will reply to your e-mail with details about the change of major process.


Please seek assistance for all registration and course planning questions to the advisor of the major. Please contact your assigned Academic Advisor about academic and life challenges via email to bcoeadvising@engr.ucr.edu with ENPR (Pre-Engineering) or ENGR (Engineering Prep) in the subject line.


You may need enrollment assistance, so plan to meet or send an e-mail prior to your enrollment date requesting this assistance.

If you know you meet the prerequisite(s) for the course you need to enroll, you can submit the appropriate enrollment assistance form depending on which college houses the course – see ‘Registration Tips’ section below for links.


Enroll in courses using R’Web during your assigned Ticket Time.
Use the online Schedule of Classes (www.classes.ucr.edu) to find open courses and the course record number(s) (CRN).
Check the approved Breadth worksheet (http://student.engr.ucr.edu/policies/requirements/breadth.html) and the degree audit on R’Web to determine what courses to enroll in next quarter.
Confirm that you have satisfied all prerequisites for the courses in which you plan to enroll. Prerequisites are listed in the UCR General Catalog (http://catalog.ucr.edu/).
After you have enrolled, check your schedule in R’Web and your R’Web email regularly for any changes to the courses you have registered for.
If you need assistance enrolling in a course use the appropriate resources:
CNAS courses (i.e., Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics) please use the online form here: https://ucrbsgsac.wufoo.com/forms/enrollment-request/.

BCOE courses (i.e., Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering) please use the online form here: http://student.engr.ucr.edu/enrollmentassistance.html

CHASS courses (i.e. History, Political Science, etc.) please find the Advisor associated with that major course here: http://chassstudentaffairs.ucr.edu/dept/index.html and contact them directly.

ENGL 001C alternatives offered in the 2019 Spring Quarter will be listed online at this link: http://uwp.ucr.edu/wac.html.
To Waitlist a course, you will only be allowed to waitlist for the discussion/lab section. A seat in the lecture is assumed if there is a seat in the discussion/lab. If a seat becomes available, you will be sent an email to add both sections. You will only have 24 hours to add the available seat, so keep watching your email. If you miss the 24-hour window to add the course, that seat is offered to the next student in line and you will be dropped from the waitlist. If you drop yourself from the waitlist, either accidentally or on purpose, you will lose your place on the waitlist.