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Bioengineering Program Requirements


Bioengineering combines knowledge in physics, biology, sciences, engineering, mathematics and chemistry to develop tools for and make advancements in Biotechnology; drug, hormone, and gene therapy; stem cell research, medical devices, artificial organs, food production, and environmental protection.

You must complete the major requirements, breadth requirements, and university requirements to satisfy degree requirements for the B.S. in Bioengineering.

Major Requirements

  • See General Course Catalog. Select the catalog "year" that lists the requirements you plan to follow. You may choose a catalog from an academic year in which you were enrolled full-time anywhere at least one term. You may also choose the catalog year in effect the academic year of your graduation.

Course Plans and Technical Electives

The suggested course plan serves three purposes:

  • Presents the department's course offering intentions, per term, for a particular catalog year;
  • Offers students a plan towards satisfying all degree requirements on a term by term basis consistent with the department's course offering intentions;
  • Lists technical electives in effect for a particular catalog year.
Course Plan 2018
Course Plan 2017 
Course Plan 2016 
Course Plan 2015  
Course Plan 2014 
Course Plan 2013 
Course Plan 2012


Breadth Requirements

In order to graduate, engineering students must satisfy the breadth requirements as determined by the Executive Committee of the Bourns College of Engineering. Students may satisfy the breadth requirements with any course on the BCOE list of approved breadth courses. Students may choose courses from any approved breadth list in effect while enrolled full-time at least one term in an academic year.

To provide depth in satisfying breadth in the humanities and social sciences, courses must meet the following criteria:

  • • At least two of the humanities and social science courses must be upper division.
  • • At least two courses must be from the same subject area, either humanities or social sciences, with at least one being an upper division course.



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